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KITTENSPLAYPEN REVIEW - ears, collar, cuffs, tail ^-^ ~~

I’ll be making a little picture guide for tying the cuffs/ribbon ties in general in a separate post. These will be really long and I’m in mobile, so I can’t include more pictures like I want /: but hopefully this helps!

Let me just say that I have wanted stuff from kittensplaypenshop for months and months and months. I had it all picked out and once I had the money was ready to go! I placed my order in mid-July and got them yesterday, September 2. I knew it was going to take a long time to make and ship from Canada so this doesn’t bother me. It did take the full processing time to ship but it did get to me within 10 business days, thank god it didn’t get delayed at customs! So if you want Halloween goodies, I’d put the order in ASAP. Keep in mind as well that this is two (usually, right now I think it’s only sara-meow working on orders) girls working to make and ship 300 orders at a time, give or take. The customer service is amazing and the quality is superb.

I ordered the cotton candy ears, pink outside and blue inside. They arrived on a headband (I think I saw that they are now doing hair extension clips on a headband so you can do both and pose them however you want!) and were a little flat after being wrapped up for so long. So I fiddled with the wiring for a few minutes to give them back their shape and brushed them out a little. The fur is so soft! It’s fluffy but a little thinner, which keeps it from being too much. I actually like the way it looks with my insane hair. I love the little bows so much, it’s killer cute. These don’t look cheap like I see a lot of other ears do. They look and feel as natural as you can expect them to. The wiring is very sturdy but also easy to bend to an extent - you can’t change the base very much as it is attached to the band. I don’t really see a need for this though, unless you want to change how far apart the ears are (in which case you should order the clips/clips+headband!).

When I ripped open this package last night, the collar was the first thing I pulled out. It was so pretty! I was a little nervous about how the colors I picked out would look together, but I think it turned out PERFECT! I ordered the customizable collar (10.5 inches cuz I got a lil neck) with a lace bow. It feels heavier then I thought it would in my hand as I took it out and I worried that it would be uncomfortable. It’s very sturdily made, and although I (probably) won’t be using this for other than aesthetic purposes, I know it’s not going to break or wear out. The ribbon ties are simple and make it easy to adjust the snugness. I really really enjoy the feeling of it on, my neck feels like it’s being hugged ^-^ This collar is 10/10, five stars, A+++ in cuteness. I love it!

I got the cute customizable cuffs with lace bows to match the collar and without the chains and all. They’re ribbon ties with D-rings. The middle ribbon I actually totally put down the wrong one, but when they got here I ended up liking how they looked so ;’3 make sure you double check your order! You might not be as lucky as me. They’re a bit tricky to tie with the rings (ribbon slides around on metal who knew) but I got the hang of it. These do feel a bit looser on me than I’d like, but I have really tiny wrists so that could have been an easy fix had I given my measurements and asked. I’ll have to remember next time! I love them, I love the dangley, pretty ribbons and bows. I love how the boy can easily grab onto those ribbons and pull my arms around…aheh ^-^ yeah. These are great.

I got the blue cotton candy tail with a pink tip, which is unwired. All their tails come as a pin on, with the option to add a plug. Plugs are removable, so tails can be worn during sexy time or out and about with clothes on. I did not order a plug, so my review will not cover that.
This tail is on the smaller side of what they offer, but I didn’t want something huge to start out with. It is more of a fox tail than a cat tail, in that it tapers towards the bottom (which I actually prefer, I ordered it for that reason). It is. So. Soft. I shook it out once I got it unpacked and brushed it, then shook it out again. It really fluffs up when you do that. In the two pictures I have posted it started going flat again since I had been sitting down, moving around, and other general fluff-killing activities. I firm butt wiggle or manual fluffing fixes that really quick! I also got a really big bow, at extra cost, because I like big bows. This bow is permanently attached so I’m stuck with looking adorable whether I like it or not. The fur quality is beyond anything I expected, it feels real but it’s not, which is even better! I love the soft pastel-y colors, it really is like cotton candy ^-^

I can’t wait to order more from you two beautiful ladies, your work is amazing and I’m so glad to own something of yours now! I’ll be placing an order for a black and white set in the next couple months, probably once Jess is home and things have settled down a bit for you two ❤️ Don’t work too hard, the most important thing is you!


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